Starting October 2019, Seven Simple Land Registration Tasks can be accepted across Cities/Counties

Land administration services have become more convenient! The Ministry of the Interior announced that starting October, citizens can visit any nearby office to conduct seven types of real estate registration tasks such as address change across cities/counties, which can save time and money.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, if a citizen lives at a different city/county than the real estate owned due to school or work reasons, the citizen used to have to conduct registrations at the office of jurisdiction, which is time consuming and inconvenient. So starting July, the Ministry of the Interior started trial runs for simple registration tasks at six municipalities, which gained recognition and support during the two-month trial run period and accepted a total of 169 cases. Most of these cases involved applications for address changes, name changes, and official document changes.

To expand service convenience for the public, a trial run to provide services to all cities/counties of the nation will start next month. Citizens can visit the nearest land office to conduct seven types of simple registration tasks and complete the entire procedure on-site. Visiting the jurisdiction city/county is no longer needed for tasks such as changing official documents; advance notice registration; cancellation notice registration; address change; name change; house number consolidation; as well as name, date of birth, national ID number, address, or household number error correction/registration of the household registration office records.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that the people's needs will remain the starting point in the future. Under the principle of ensuring correct cadastral information and real estate transaction security, it will continue to improve cross-domain service convenience, simplify operational procedures, and further meet the needs of the people.

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