Organization Evolution

The Department of Land Administration was established on July 1, 1979 when the Kaohsiung City Government changed to municipal. We are in charged of cadaster, land value, land right, land use, land consolidation, zone expropriation, information management and customer service of whole Kaohsiung City Government. We directly explore the land of Kaohsiung City Government, increase the land tax sources and the fortune of citizens, safeguard properties of citizens, develop and integrate land information system, offer citizens a convenient way to inquire all related information, and fulfill their needs to the modern service.
Organization Chart
The Director of the Bureau has one person in charge of the mayor's life, and two deputy directors, one director secretary and three special committee members, and each department and room are responsible for all relevant matters:
Land Cadaster Division :
Cadaster clearance, land registry, management and categorization of overdue land inheritance registration, supervision of registry affairs at the Land Office, etc.
Land Value Division :
Assessment of land value, purchase per declared land value, nationalization of land value increment, land value information, evaluation of land value and improved price, management of real estate appraisers, categorization of taxable land, compulsory use of vacant land and waste land, limitation on maximum area of land without construction, supervision of land value affairs at the Land Office, etc.
Land Use Division :
Municipal land use survey, assigning regions of non-metropolitan land use, designating and changing land use, land use regulation, management of allowable land use, supervision of development affairs at the Department of Land Development, etc.

Information Office:

The Information Office is responsible for all  computerized land administration services plan, oversight, propagation, implementation and coordination; Kaohsiung City land administration information crucial projects research and examination.

Accounting Office:

The Accounting Office is responsible for annual budget, accounting and statistics. 
Civil Service Ethics Section:
The Civil Service Ethics Section is responsible for government ethics administration.
Land Survey Division :
Supplementary control survey, GPS measurement, division and request survey, explaining survey regulation ambiguities, determination of land categorization, municipal map management, supervision of survey affairs at the Land Development Office and the Land Office, etc.

Land Right Division :

Management of 37.5% Arable Land Tenancy, management of land administration agents, management of property brokerage industry, handling consumption disputes, management of arable land, limitation of land right, etc.

Expropriation Division :

Land expropriation, appropriation of public land, etc.


The Secretary Office is responsible for R & D, regulations, law indexing, public relations, document, signature, files, general affairs, asset, labor management and those services don't belong to other sections.

Personnel Office:

The Personnel Office is responsible for personnel management.
Land Office:  
The Land Offices are responsible for land registration, survey and land value affairs.

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