Administering Outline

2013 Administration Outline of Land Administration Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
  • 1. Take the initiative in land development business, build public facilities, create a quality living environment and expand the utilization of lands by means of land development strategies, such as land readjustment and zone expropriation.
  • 2. Encourage the sales of lands in development areas in diversified ways, increase the funds for the equalization of land rights, and adopt the funds to support municipal development in a flexible way.
  • 3. Complete an establishment project for the information development of Greater Kaohsiung land administration, setting up a highly secure and stable land administration information network in order to expand land administration ecommerce services.
  • 4. Keep land value updates in hand, assess the land value in a cautious manner, promote real estate transaction transparency, and realize justice in housing as well as in land distribution, in compliance with land policies such as real estate transaction information declaration and land expropriation at the market price.
  • 5. Continue the resurvey of cadastral maps to accelerate the cadastral information clarification and arrangement, and reinforce cadastral map integration to encourage the 3-in-1 map spatial information application.
  • 6. Perfect cadastral management, undertake cadastral investigation, continue to expand the scope of cross-agency registration services and integrate crossunit services in order to provide the public with services of better quality and efficiency.
  • 7. Take the initiative in land expropriation and public land appropriation, assist in acquiring lands used for public construction, and facilitate the various municipal construction projects in Greater Kaohsiung.
  • 8. Strengthen the farmland rental management, reconcile the rights of both landlords and tenant farmers, perfect municipal farmland management, and preserve the rights of public property.
  • 9. Comprehensively investigate the land use, strengthen non-urban land management, and encourage non-urban land conservation and sustainable development..
  • 10. Manage the real estate brokerage companies and agencies, land administration agents and real estate appraisers to protect consumers' rights and interests as well as to ensure real estate transaction safety.
  • 11. Renovate, manage and maintain the farm roads and waterways of the early readjusted areas to effectively improve the environment of agricultural production areas.

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