Bilingual Glossary

Bilingual Glossary (registration)
English Chinese
Improvement on land 土地改良物
The landowners 土地所有權人
Land ownership certificate 土地所有權狀
Land registration 土地登記
Land register 土地登記簿
General registration of land 土地總登記
Registration of the trust of land rights 土地權利信託登記
Registration of changes in land righ 土地權利變更登記
Expenses fees 工本費
Real estate 不動產
The Committee on Real Estate Dispute Conciliation 不動產糾紛調處委員會
Principal registration 主登記
Registration of other rights 他項權利登記
Other rights certificate 他項權利證明書
Permanent lease 永佃權
Superficies 地上權
Easement 地役權
Cadaster 地籍
General registers of landowners 地籍總歸戶冊(卡)
Registration of change in domicile 住址變更登記
Registration of rectification 更正登記
Registration of change in name 更名登記
Ownership 所有權
Registration of change of ownership 所有權變更登記
Mortgage 抵押權
Registration of statutory superficies 法定地上權登記
Judicial decision 法院判決
Vacant land 空地
Accessory registration 附記登記
Written contracts 契約書
Initial registration of constructional improvements ownership 建物所有權第一次登記
Constructional improvements register 建物登記簿
Land used for construction 建築用地
Constructional improvements 建築改良物
Registration of restriction 限制登記
Registration of the exchange and re-issue of the certificate 書狀換給或補給登記
Certificates fees 書狀費
Registration of deletion 消滅登記
Registration of direct 逕為登記
Ownerless land 無主土地
Application forms 登記申請書
Registration lists 登記清冊
Registration tariffs 登記規費
Registration fees 登記費
Conclusive validity 絕對效力
Registration of cancellation 塗銷登記
Obligor 義務人
Supplement 補正
Registration of caution 預告登記
Registration of change of administrator 管理者變更登記
Registration of change of descriptions 標示變更登記
Viewing fees 閱覽費
Preferential right 優先購買權
Registration of inheritance 繼承登記
Obligee 權利人
The value of right of land for compensation 權利價值
Registration of request 囑託登記
Bilingual Glossary (survey)
English Chinese
Triangulation 三角測量
Land survey 土地測量
Parcel survey 戶地測量
Pracellary plan 地段圖
Cadastral survey 地籍測量
Cadastral map 地籍圖
Straight baseline 直線基線
Measuring mark 測量標
Equidistant median line 等距中線
Supplementary control survey 圖根測量
GPS measurement 衛星定位測量
Bilingual Glossary (value)
English Chinese
Land value increment tax 土地增值稅
Real estate appraiser 不動產估價師
Land reserved for the public infrastructure 公共設施保留地
Current land value 公告土地現值
Agricultural land tax 田賦
Declared land value 申報地價
Land value tax 地價稅
Land evaluation committee 地價評議委員會
The value of land originally assessed or the value of land at the penultimate transfer 原規定地價或前次移轉現值
The difference of land value 差額地價
Assessment of land value 規定地價
Bilingual Glossary (land rights)
English Chinese
Real estate brokers 不動產經紀人
Real estate broking 不動產經紀業
Assistant real estate brokers 不動產經紀營業員
An instruction of real estate 不動產說明書
Lessor 出租人
Foreigners to acquire land rights 外國人取得土地權利
The equalization of land rights 平均地權
Land administration agents 地政士
Land rights 地權
Lessee 承租人
Leasehold 承租權
Broking agents 經紀人員
Bilingual Glossary (land use)
English Chinese
Type B building lands 乙種建築用地
Industrial land 工業用地
Bilingual Glossary (land expropriation)
English Chinese
Land expropriation 土地徵收
The Land Expropriation Examination Committee 土地徵收審議委員會
Land for compensation 抵價地
Cancellation of expropriation 撤銷徵收
Compulsorily use 徵用
Compensation for compulsory purchase 徵收補償費
Bilingual Glossary (land development)
English Chinese
Land readjustment 土地重劃
Readjustment 重劃
Zone expropriation 區段徵收

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