The Procedure of Land Expropriation

the procedure of land expropriation  

the procedure of land expropriation

When applying for the expropriation of lands or improvements, the applicant shall negotiate with the landowners or by other means to reach ant agreement concerning the amount of compensation. If the landowners refuse to attend the negotiation, or fail to reach an agreement during the meetings, then the applicant may apply for expropriation.

The applicant shall prepare a detailed project of expropriation, a map with explanatory notes of the land or improvements under expropriation and a blue print showing how the land use, and submit them to the Department of Land Administration, then hand over them to the Ministry of the Interior in charge of approval.

The Ministry of the Interior examines the case and submits it to The Examination Committee on Land Expropriation, and notifies the Government of the Special Municipality after approving the case.

On receipt of instructions from the competent authorities of the Central Government concerning the approval of any application for the expropriation of land or improvements, the Government of the Special Municipality shall make a public announcement thereon and notify, in written form, the owner of the said land or improvements and other obliges have rights over them accordingly. The period of the public announcement referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be 30 days.

If any person with interests in the land expropriated has objections to the public announcement, he shall raise the objections by submitting a written statement to the Government of the Special Municipality within the announcement period.

The Government of the Special Municipality shall duly investigate and deal with, and notify the person with interests in the land in written from with its treatment.

Compensation for the value of an expropriated land or improvements shall be paid within 15 days after the expiration the period of public announcement. (The percentage for increase is estimated by the Land Value Evaluation Committee during the approval of the publicly announced current land values of the current year.)

The Government of the Special Municipality shall set up a special account in the National Treasury to keep any compensation monies which are not paid out due to default, refusal or failure, and not applicable to the provisions of the Act of Deposit int Court. The Government of the Special Municipality, shall deposit the compensation into the special account for keeping, and notify the person entitled to the compensation, within three months after the expiration of the duration of payment of the compensation. The compensation, if there is no oblige withdraws within 15 years of the delivery of the notice, shall belong to the National Treasury.

Request the registry register the ownership to government.

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