Make good use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

For private rights dispute handling, in addition to the litigation brought to the court and solved by the ruling way, people can actually go through other solutions such as "mediation," "manipulation," or "arbitration," which are commonly known as "Alternative Dispute Resolution" (ADR). According to the types of leaders, it can be roughly divided into three groups: judicial type (court mediation), administrative type (such as the mediation committee for consumer disputes of the municipalities and county/city government, the mediation committee of the township and town offices) and non-governmental type (such as arbitration association).

The non-litigation solution for land disputes is more commonly handled through the mediation committee of the township and town offices or the mediation committee for real estate disputes. By using the above mechanism, the public can avoid the huge cost of time, labor, and money during the litigation procedures. Moreover, it avoids face-to-face arguments. An experienced and professional neutral third party can provide a fair, reasonable, and mutually acceptable solution which either saves your money or time. The mediation result approved by the court shall have the same effect as the civil judgment.


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