The last mile of Love River renovation: the 100th phase of urban land consolidation was officially launched

The urban planning of the 100th phase of urban land consolidation including the renovation of Love River, the flood prevention and drainage at Renwu district, and the land development and utilization at Bagualiao, was executed on May 22, 2020 and is expected to be completed by November 2023.

The area of this 100th phase of urban land consolidation is located at the east of the west bank of Love River, the south of Bade First Road, the north of Bade East Road and the west of Caogong Canal, with a total development zone of about 20.85 hectares. In response to recent extreme weather and heavy rainfall, the renovation of Love River in the urban planning has been expedited for the last mile so as to maintain citizens' life and property safety at Renwu district. Hence, the Beiwu drainage management plan, approved by the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, remains the 2 existing areas of about 4.6 hectares at Caotan Pond. On the one hand, it maintains the original ecological habitats; on the other hand, it reduces the surface runoff caused by over-development and slows down the flooding issue in low-lying areas nearby. In addition, about 10.40 hectares of residential areas are planned to meet the rights of landowners.

Referring to the successful cooperation mode from the Beiwu middle and downstream drainage project in the 84th phase of urban land consolidation, the team will once again show a tacit understanding of teamwork. In the urban planning from Urban Development Bureau, Land Administration initiates the 100th phase of urban land consolidation, while the Water Resources Bureau collaborates for the Beiwu drainage improvement, the broadening and the bank revetment within the rezoning area. Upon completion, there will be approximately 10.40 hectares of residential land and nearly 10.45 hectares for public facilities, including 10 roads, 4 green lands, 1 park and 1 flood detention pond. In the future, we will not only obtain the waterfront green space, the beautified visual landscape of surrounding residences and the improved overall living quality, but the most important thing, the regional drainage is being considered once in place. The upgrades of local flood protection standards completely eliminate the flooding at Bagualiao, Renwu district, as well as complete the last mile of the Love River renovation project.


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