Yet another tendering success – the number of bids received for the land of Greater Kaohsiung’s Second Quarter of Development Area has hit a new record high!
On June 17, 2020, the second quarter tendering for the development area was held by the Land Administration Bureau. With 88 sectors participating, 11 tenders of 11 parcels of land were tendered, totaling NT$1,541.76 million - a successful bidding rate of 92%.
2 tenders of 2 parcels of land that were introduced for the first time this quarter at the Phase 87 redevelopment zone have all been successfully tendered; 2 tenders of 2 quality build plots that were introduced in the Zhongdu redevelopment zone were also effectively tendered. Subsequently, the redevelopment zone of Phase 77 located next to Expressway No. 88 in Fengshan District - near the interchange of the Wujia System on Sun Yat-sen Freeway - has become a focus for construction projects. 2 parcels of land were introduced this quarter and a parcel of land near Hecheng Road was tendered with success. 3 tenders of 3 parcels of land introduced this quarter at the compulsory acquisition area of the National University of Kaohsiung were all tendered, making it the most developed area of the quarter, with 37 investors participating in the bidding. Also, a parcel of land each introduced for Phase 82, Desong redevelopment zone of Qiaotou District, and compulsory acquisition area on the No. 5 Dapingting section were all tendered without complication.
In view of the tender outcome, 12 tenders of 12 parcels of land were introduced in the development area this quarter. The tender saw 88 sectors competing in the bidding, and 11 tenders of 11 parcels of land were successfully tendered, achieving a new high of bids since the merger of the county and city. The compulsory acquisition area of the National University of Kaohsiung was most favored by bidders while a parcel of land at Phase 77 redevelopment zone received no bids due to land conditions not meeting bidder requirements. Aside from the land at the Phase 77 redevelopment zone, all other land was effortlessly tendered. In conclusion, given the fact that the land at Greater Kaohsiung development area is fully equipped with public facilities, robust living requirements, and with the support of major constructions, it is evident that investing in Kaohsiung will bring a variety of benefits. Although the real estate market is currently undergoing harsh challenges due to Covid-19, investors are optimistic over Kaohsiung's housing future.

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