The Road Connecting the Boai Road with the Caogong Road in Fengshan's Phase 85 Redevelopment Zone Is Opened to Traffic to Strengthen the Transportation and the Transfer Functions of Fengshan Station

To improve the transportation network in the areas near Fengshan Station, the ring road system of the station was particularly planned and developed through urban land readjustment in the urban plan. The Land Administration Bureau immediately launched the phase 85 redevelopment zone project. To be in line with the timelines of the demolition of railways and other objects on the ground as well as the launch of underground railroad, the construction is conducted in phases. The road connecting Boai Road with Caogong Road was opened to traffic today (October 21, 2020), which will effectively disperse the east-west traffic flow of Fengshan Station, thereby providing citizens with a more convenient and safe transportation network.


Fengshan's phase 85 redevelopment zone project was conducted in phases. In line with the launch of the underground parking space of Fengshan Station, priority was given to connecting the west section of Heping Road with the entrance and exit of the parking space while Caogong Road and Wenheng Road were connected to link the front and rear stations that had been separated by the railroad for a century in the first phase. Said roads were opened to traffic on October 18, 2019. In the second phase, Zhongzheng Road (Boai Road to Xiehe Road) was further widened, and the intersections near Boai Road and Fengsong Road were reconnected and paved with asphalt concrete, which were opened for two-way and two-lane traffic on May 18, 2020. In the third phase, the road connecting Boai Road and Caogong Road and the south of Heping Road connected with a new 20-meter-wide road were opened to traffic today (October 21, 2020). It not only strengthens the transportation and transfer functions of the station but further solves the problem of inconvenient transportation for residents in the neighborhood.



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