Detention Parks in 81st Redevelopment Zone Along with the Ecological Landscape of the Fonghuang Mountain to Create a Green Living Environment

The 81st Redevelopment Zone located on the west side of Fenglin 4th Road, Daliao District occupies an area of 48.78 hectares. It was originally the site of 12 national military dependents' villages, including Shangsie New Village. Under the collaboration between the Kaohsiung City Government and the Ministry of National Defense, it will be developed in the method of land consolidation. Along Fenglin 4th Road, the redevelopment zone is adjacent to the Fongshan District to the north, the Daliao business district to the south, the natural environment of the Fonghuang Mountain to the west, and MRT Daliao station to the east. After the development is completed, this zone can facilitate the development of the Fonghuang Mountain and the Daliao District while providing an excellent and adequate space to our citizens.


After land consolidation, the 81st Redevelopment Zone will provide about 28.78 hectares of buildable land, and around 20 hectares of land for public facilities, such as parks, green spaces, plazas, parking spaces, and roads, including 11.32 hectares of parks and green spaces. The city government will invest more than NT$280 million of funds for development and construction. Mr. Charles Lin, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government, stated that the public facilities in this zone focuses on the integration and extension of green resources. The two parks under planning: public 10 and public 13 will be developed into detention parks to regulate the rainfall peaks in this zone in alignment with the overall outflow control plan. The parks are planned to extend to the ecological landscape of the Fonghuang Mountain, and local characteristics will be incorporated into the landscape, with the recreational facilities planned, thereby providing a space for socializing activities in the community. Deputy Mayor Lin also stated that the public 9 park in the 3rd redevelopment zone covers an area of roughly 4.73 hectares as the largest park in the redevelopment area. In addition to a detention pond to regulate the runoff of the Fonghuang Mountain, an inclusive playground will be planned, and the imagery of the local brick kiln factories will be incorporated.


On an inspection visit to a construction site of the 81st redevelopment zone, Deputy Mayor Lin instructed the Public Works Bureau and the Water Resources Bureau to adopt the "runoff sharing" and "outflow control" measures to share the responsibility for flood detention and water storage, to improve the overall flood resistance of the land. The flood detention facilities with pumps will be constructed to enable 100% flood detention at critical moments. The Maintenance Office of the Public Works Bureau also stated that it will incorporate the consideration for instantaneous torrential rain into the overall planning. The two detention parks of public 10 and public 13 in construction site 1 are expected to be completed by September 2022 and will be open to the public first. Deputy Mayor Lin later instructed the Land Administration Bureau and the Public Works Bureau to proceed with various projects and the construction of detention ponds actively in the zone, and to make sure that the rainwater in the zone will flow to the detention ponds for regulation, and then flow to the side ditch of Fenglin 4th Road and the rainwater tank at Zhongyi Road in front of Zhongyi Elementary School in Daliao District outside the redevelopment zone through the drainage system of the zone, to improve the problem of frequent flooding in the surrounding area while improving the overall development of Daliao.


The Land Administration Bureau stated that, to comply with the provisions on water and soil conservation and environmental impact assessments, this redevelopment zone project must be implemented in three phases. The project started on February 19, 2020 with a total construction period of 753 business days. As of August 1, 2021, the planned progress of the project was 37.01%, and the actual progress was 37.47%, of which the progress of construction site 1 was 87.25% and construction site 2 20.41%. Construction site 3 is undergoing the ground inspection and evaluation and compensation operations. The Land Administration Bureau will continue to proceed with projects in this zone actively, in the hope of completing them by 2023 at the earliest, thereby enhancing the overall development of Daliao.




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