A Further Step for Infrastructure Construction Project of Asia New Bay Area - Kaohsiung City's 88th Redevelopment Zone Completed and Opened to Traffic

There is another major step forward in the development of the Asia New Bay Area. Today (May 12, 2021), Charles Lin, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government, presided over a ceremony to celebrate that the construction of the 88th redevelopment zone was completed and opened to traffic under the witness of local industry groups, elected representatives, and local residents.


The 88th redevelopment zone, located in the Asia New Bay Area, which is vigorously promoted by the city government, occupies an area of around 11.21 hectares. Before land consolidation, most of the land was used for factories of the Formosa Plastics Group and the Nan Ya Plastics Corporation in Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung. After soil pollution remediation and the removal of the control over the polluted plant sites, the Land Administration Bureau developed it in the method of land consolidation. After the land consolidation, approximately 5.82 hectares of land for public facilities was obtained, such as parks, parking spaces, and roads, and an area for a special trade zone of roughly 5.39 hectares can be provided for service facilities, such as business and trade, finance, conference centers, exhibition centers, office buildings, tourist hotels, shopping, and recreation. 


Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin, stated that the 590-hectare Asia New Bay Area is one of the key areas for Kaohsiung's future development. The central and the city government have attached great importance to it and already invested funds to complete a number of large flagship construction projects, including the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, the Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal, the Kaohsiung Music Center, the Kaohsiung Public Library, and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit and Circular Light Rail Transit. The city government has set a very clear definition of the role of the Asia New Bay Area and hopes that the area can play a crucial role in the transformation of Kaohsiung's industry. In particular, President Tsai visited Kaohsiung on February 28 this year to support Mayor Chen Chi-Mai's policy on the 5G AIoT Innovative Industry Park in the Asia New Bay Area. President Tsai and Premier Su took practical actions to announce that the central government will launch a subsidy program to invest NT$11 billion over five years to build the country's most complete site for 5G development. As such, the future development of the Asia New Bay Area is very promising. This January, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. has announced that it will join hands with 13 domestic and international companies in vertical application, including Microsoft to move into this area.


Deputy Mayor Lin further pointed out that the city government has invited private enterprises to jointly develop Taiwan Power Company's project on business solicitation for office buildings in special trade zone 3. The estimated investment scale is over NT$35 billion, which can create around 4,000 job opportunities. It also symbolizes that the city government takes the initiative to take the lead in land development in the Asia New Bay Area and to invest in business solicitation to attract investments actively. It is hoped that the 5G AIoT park can become the most complete industrial cluster in Taiwan and even in the world at a faster speed. In addition, the city government is conducting a comprehensive review of relevant urban plans to plan ahead in alignment with the development needs of the 5G AIoT Innovative Industry Park.


Deputy Mayor Lin also particularly recognized the efforts made by the Land Administration Bureau as the bureau has developed land for public facilities through land consolidation and zone expropriation in 11 office building development zones in the Asia New Bay Area (including 10 redevelopment zones and one 205th Arsenal expropriated), to improve the infrastructure, such as the transportation network, parks, and parking spaces in the area and to lay a solid foundation for the development of the 5G AIoT Innovative Industry Park.


Chen, Kuan-Fu, Director-General of the Land Administration Bureau, stated that the 11 office building development zones in the area are mainly located on both sides of Chenggong Road, Shihdai Boulevard, and Zhongshan 3rd Road, which are the core areas there. The 88th zone, which was completed and opened to traffic today, is located at the southernmost end of the core area of the area. Together with the completed 60th, 65th, 70th, 79th, 80th, and 83th redevelopment zones, a total of seven redevelopment zones have been completed, occupying a total area of 63.2 hectares. The remaining three redevelopment zones will be completed by the end of the following year, and the 205th Arsenal expropriated will also be developed after the military completes the relocation at the end of the following year. Through urban land consolidation and zone expropriation, the infrastructure of the area will be more complete in the future, and it will also provide a vast area for the development of the area.


Director-General Chen added that the parks and parking spaces in the 88th redevelopment zone have been developed by the Public Works Bureau and the Transportation Bureau while the Land Administration Bureau are handing over the land after land consolidation to landlords for development and use on their own.


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