Landlords Shall Not Refuse to Rent Property on Infection Ground.

The Ministry of the Interior stated today (June 4) that landlords shall not refuse to rent property to tenants only because they are infected with COVID-19, nor shall they discriminate against their tenants' legal rights to rent property when such tenants are in home quarantine. In the event of any violation, a landlord shall be subject to an administrative fine of no more NT$150,000 in accordance with the law, and will be requested to make improvement prior to a deadline. The Ministry of the Interior calls on landlords to assist tenants during the pandemic period, avoid improper termination of lease agreements and requesting relocation while reminding tenants that if they are treated improperly by their landlords, they can report to the local competent authority for assistance immediately.


The Ministry of the Interior stated that in accordance with Article 11 of the Communicable Disease Control Act, the legitimate rights and interest of patients infected with an epidemic, those under isolation treatment, or in home or collective quarantine, shall be respected and protected, and shall not be discriminated against; meanwhile, in accordance with Article 12 of said act, landlords shall not refuse to rent property to such patients or treat them unfairly. During the pandemic, home isolation or quarantine is the top priority to prevent spread of the pandemic. The landlords shall be empathetic and protect tenants' right to rent property and avoid any infection control breach caused by relocation.


Furthermore, in accordance with the Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act and the rules of items that shall and shall not be contained in the standard residential lease agreement, the situation where tenants or their relatives and friends living with them are infected with an epidemic or in home quarantine is not a legitimate reason for the landlords to claim to terminate the residential lease agreement. If a landlord still claims to terminate the agreement on ground of discriminating against the infection or home quarantine, it is not only improper, but the landlord will be punished for violating the provisions of the Communicable Disease Control Act.




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